The Effectiveness And Usefulness Of CLR Cleaner

CLR cleaner can certainly make homes spotlessly clean. This solution contains high concentration of acid that helps to dissolve stains found on various places in the room, especially kitchens and bathrooms.

clr cleaner

Usefulness of CLR cleaner in kitchens

Since food is cooked in the kitchen, there is a huge chance of oil stains throughout the room. Over a period of time, these stains get denser. You would not be able to remove them easily once they become dry. Liquid soap solution even becomes ineffective to remove such stains. In such cases, it is highly essential to use powerful acidic solution for stain and rust removal to get rid of these stains and regain the luster of the region back.

clr stone cleaner

It is highly essential to use CLR stainless steel cleaner to achieve a shiny kitchen, even after cooking oily foods. Most of the stains often come with long duration of accumulation of sticky oil, sprinkling during cooking various food items. This product helps to wipe out any stain that is highly irremovable from stainless steels, especially that of rusts etc. To use this stainless steel cleaner, follow the tips below.

  • Spray the solution over the tumbler or tabletop region where stain has accumulated.
  • Leave for a few seconds and wipe out with a clean piece of cloth.
  • You can also mix the solution in water and wash your stainless steel utensils to get better results. It helps remove stains and rust from steel or stainless steel surfaces.

clr bathroom cleaner

Usefulness of the solution in bathrooms

Another region of the house that is highly neglected by many is the bathroom. In most cases, bathrooms are left wet and very few bother to dry up the floors after having bath or washing anything. Months of such process leaves a very serious effect, almost making the wet places highly susceptible to fungal or moss growth. Like the earlier condition, these stains and growth are not affected by soap water.  Mild acid solutions help a lot to remove them through a soft scrubbing process. Scrubbing with soap water does not produce the desired effect. They even make the floor much slippery, making the room accident-prone. You can use CLR bathroom cleaner to get rid of such unwanted accumulation.

clr stainless steel cleaner

Usefulness of the solution in other parts of the house

Many people decorate their house with various stone tiles like those in the floors. In many cases, it is found that these stone surfaces also get a layer of coating of stain when leftover food is not cleaned properly. In other cases, moisture from air tends to influence the growth of fungi on them, which becomes too difficult to remove. Few drops or spray of CLR stone cleaner helps to solve this problem in seconds.

Tips to use

Since this cleaner is acidic in nature, here are some precaution while using it.

  • Wear necessary gloves and mask.
  • Avoid direct contact with the solution.
  • Avoid spilling the solution over wooden or aluminum furniture.

People take much strain to make their homes clean. However, the process is not successful every time due to various reasons. This gives immense time for strong stains to become harder, making it harder to remove stains using traditional methods. Stronger solutions like CLR cleaner helps a lot in this process and will surely make your home perfectly clean.